Emily Sparacino

Icing on the Cake

For Jan and Dwight Potter, Dreamcakes Café is a sweet addition to their already thriving bakery business.   In the confines of a tiny 400-square-foot kitchen in Cahaba Heights 11 years ago, Jan Potter realized she had quite the following. She was renting the kitchen for the equipment and space she needed to make wedding cakes by special order. But for every hour she was spending on the cakes, she was fielding that many or more questions from people about what they could buy from her. “It was just going to be a commercial kitchen, but people kept coming...

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Farmhouse Love

JeriKay Moujoodi’s preferred style is centered on timelessness and simplicity.   As JeriKay and Justin Moujoodi welcomed their son into the world in 2016, they were already making plans for their next home. They had already been thinking about what that house would look like, how it would be laid out and how it would be situated on a lot. It wasn’t that they didn’t like the house they were in—a split-level home in Bluff Park they flipped themselves. It was that, after six years, they knew what more they wanted from their next home, and they were ready...

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Back Roads and Memories

Don Rankin’s paintings reveal the beauty of his surroundings—and places he remembers from bygone years.     An up-close view of Hoover’s Paradise Creek greeted Don Rankin every day in his largest art studio. He and his wife would open the windows of their home off Patton Chapel Road in warm weather, admiring the placid water of the creek just 200 feet away. It was a scene so familiar to Don that he could have painted it from its imprint on his mind, transferring the shiny surface of the water from memory to paper with stroke after stroke of...

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Why I Love Hoover: Shelley Shaw, HCSF Interim Executive Director

Shelley has lived all over Alabama, but she and her husband, Mike, have lived in their Hoover home since they bought it in 2001. When they aren’t there, they’re likely at the beach, the lake or in Auburn—Shelley’s alma mater and their daughter’s current school. Shelley also spends much of her time at Spain Park High School, where her son is a freshman. She has worked with the SPHS majorettes for the last three years and helped start the Jaguar Twirling Club. We talked to Shelley about how she balances everything with her current position as the Hoover City...

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